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What do Animal Gear do?

Animal Gear is an online shop based in South Africa, offering Outdoor and Leisure products. Tame or Wild, we have all the gear for you to have fun under the African Sun.

Who are Animal Gear and how did we get started?

We at Animal Gear are ourselves avid Outdoor enthusiasts often travelling the gravel roads and heading off onto the beaten track exploring South Africa. We enjoy taking our dogs out for walks, we often go camping, hiking, 4x4'ing, biking and we also like boating. Generally we just enjoy spending time in the South African outdoors.

So with with this in mind we set out to start an online shop, offering those products that a typical South African or Outdoors Enthusiast would enjoy, or like ourselves would need when taking a break over a weekend or when going away on a camping holiday or safari. Animal Gear offer Outdoor Products that we ourselves use and have knowledge of and experience with. We hope to offer our expertise and experience to customers when in need of additional advice.

Why the name, Animal Gear? Why a Lion for a logo?

When thinking about a name, we wanted it to resonate with a typical South African who enjoys the outdoors and associated leisure and recreational activities. We wanted the name to start with an A, to take advantage of it potentially appearing higher up on a list. We decided on Animal Gear as it is representative of where we want to spend our time, in the outdoors, in nature, in the wild. The "animal" in all of us wants to be free, outside, in the wild, having fun under the African sun.

The Lion in the logo is symbolic of being King of the animal kingdom. The lion reminds us of our core values here at Animal Gear and the way we wish to run our busines, which is with Honour, Courage, Strength and Leadership. The lion logo being round and orange was also designed to be representative of the hot African sun.

Our tagline is thus very appropriate: "Your Gear, Tame or Wild, for Fun under the African Sun."

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