Engine Chip Tuning

Engine Chip Tuning such as the tuning modules by RaceChip for sale online at AnimalGear.co.za, have become popular as the technology of engine tuning has developed to such a stage where a person with no mechanical background can simply plug-in a RaceChip module in a DIY fashion as it is “Plug and Play”.

Why get a RaceChip engine chip tuning module? It offers your vehicle a significant increase power while at the same time it reduces your fuel consumption.

Release the true power, economy and driveability of your vehicle - safely, easily and in minutes! RaceChip has a plug-in upgrade for you! Unlike "generic" tuning systems, our unit has been specifically programmed for your particular make and model of vehicle, to get the best from your car. Because the power module works in harmony with your engine's ECU rather than replacing it, all engine safety functions are retained. What's more, the system can be just as easily removed, leaving no trace of fitment, returning your vehicle to factory standard at any time. This is especially useful if you take your vehicle for a service and don’t want the service agents to know you have chipped your vehicle.

Buy with absolute confidence, as every RaceChip comes with a 2 Year product warranty.

Your are welcome to check with us first as to whether we have a RaceChip for your particular vehicle, but mostly any car with a Turbo is compatible. Once you place your order with us, we will be in touch to find out exactly what make of vehicle you have. The information we will require would be make, model, year, petrol or diesel.

Order your RaceChip Engine Chip Tuner online from AnimalGear.co.za today! We deliver FREE to your door anywhere in South Africa.

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    RaceChip Ultimate - Combo (included Response Control)
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    RaceChip - Ultimate
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    RaceChip - Ultimate Connect
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