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We can Highly recommend the Chrony Ballistic printer it can be placed anywhere on the shooting bench because it connects to the Chrony with a cable (without needing light port alignments).

The Chrony Chronograph - Alpha measure the velocity of almost any projectile, including pellets, steel BBs, plastic and metal airsoft BBs, bullets, shotgun pellets and slugs, arrows, bolts, darts, paintballs and just about any other projectile.

The Chrony Carrying Case (for Chronograph and Printer) has a nylon exterior with a felt-lined inside. Keep your gear protected and gathered with this carry case. The Chrony Chronograph - Gamma Master measures the speed of bullets and other projectiles from 9 to 2133 meters per second. Mounts on any tripod or it can be placed on a table. Runs on one 9 volt battery (not included) for 48 hours of continuous use.

Repeatability: The biggest problem with chronographs for a shooting is the fact that most are based on light transmission. When shooting indoors this is rarely an issue because the light does not change. Most of us are shooting outdoors though. With shadowing, overcast skies, no-cover days, it puts a lot of variables on whether the chronograph is going to give accurate readings. Therefore repeatability in chronographs for a shooting is one of the number one things you should be looking for when shopping for your next chronograph.

Value: Most of us are looking for a cheap, effective way to measure our muzzle velocity when out shooting.

Durability: Obviously no chronograph is going to survive being shot at accidentally, I’m talking electronic durability. A chronograph is almost entirely electronic in functionality. A chronograph must be able to survive a small dust storm out at the shooting range.

Are you looking for affordable chronograph for sale? See our wide range of chronograph’s for sale below or alternatively, contact us to speak to one of our chronograph specialists who will gladly help you with finding the ideal chronograph for sale for you today.

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