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Trying to figure out if you need a night vision or thermal vision camera?

Thermal cameras are technically not cameras, but rather sensors that detect heat (also called thermal energy or infrared). Technically, these devices are detecting radiation. The amount of this radiation goes up with the temperature. Firemen use thermal cameras because these cameras can see through smoke. Thermal vision cameras pick up any sort of heats when trying to find something, Hunters love Thermal vision cameras as it helps them find their prey. Night Vision Cameras are often used by security companies, Criminals love the dark and most crimes are done at night times, this is where a night vision cameraworks well. Night Vision Cameras are used for many several reasons some which include Nature watching, and many outdoor activities.

See our Night Vision & Thermal Cameras Brands we have for Sale:

Find the best Night vision & Thermal Cameras available online at we have many more top brands for you to choose from See our night vision & Thermal Cameras below or alternatively contact us to speak to one of our Night Vision & Thermal Camera specialists who will gladly be able to help you.

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  1. Seek Shot Pro Thermal Camera
  2. Seek Reveal Pro Thermal Camera
  3. Seek Reveal Blue FastFrame Thermal Camera
    Now Only R7,299.00 Regular Price R8,800.00
  4. ATN Lens - 8x NVG7 Biocular
  5. ATN Lens - 5x NVG7 Biocular
  6. ATN - NVM14 Dual Bridge
  7. ATN Lens - 8x
  8. ATN Front Lens - 5x
  9. ATN Telephoto Lens - 3x
  10. ATN - NVM14 Goggle Kit
  11. ATN Night Vision - NVM14-WPT
  12. ATN Night Vision - NVM14-2
  13. ATN Night Vision - MP-WPT
  14. ATN Night Vision - MP-2
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