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Bullwhips for Sale

Are you looking for bullwhips for sale? has a wide range available for you to choose from.

Bullwhips are becoming ever popular in South Africa with the steady growth of the Whip cracking hoppy. Animal gear offers a range of quality handmade bullwhips for sale. Order your whip online today from Animal Gear, and we will delivery directly to your door.

Bullwhips have been used to drive cattle, but it's origin's date back to the days of the ancient Egyptians where bullwhips can be seen in hieroglyphics. There is nothing like the sound of the crack of a whip to get things going, guess that is how they motivated the slaves while building the pyramids. Whips are still used for cattle and sheep herding, as can be seen in particular when travelling through the Eastern Cape and Transkei, South Africa. Bullwhips offer a means of self-protection especially when walking in the veld to scare off wild and dangerous animals and snakes.

Indiana Jones made the Bullwhipfamous and the hobby of Whip cracking has since become popular though the trilogy in which Harrison Ford can be seen in action whip cracking, and always has a bullwhip hanging from his belt.

Traditionally made from very soft leather, bullwhips can now be seen made from nylon.

Animal Gear is an online shop in South Africa offering Outdoor and Leisure Gear products. Tame or wild, we have all the gear for you to have fun under the African Sun.

If you are looking for bullwhips for sale, see our available range below and order online now, or alternatively contact us to discuss your individual requirements with a hunting specialist.

View this Whip Cracking YouTube clip that demonstrates how to handle a Bullwhip. Enjoy watching this talented youngster and the sounds of a cracking whip!

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