Ltl Acorn Trail Camera - HD Video 940nm IR Led No-Glow 12MP

The Ltl Acorn Trail Camera - HD Video 940nm IR Led No-Glow 12MP have taken a new design and a new structure and redistribution.

Ltl Acorn Trail Cameras


Ltl Acorn Trail Camera - HD Video 940nm IR Led No-Glow 12MP


The Ltl Acorn Trail Camera - HD Video 940nm IR Led No-Glow 12MP have taken a new design and a new structure and redistribution, where the new camera supports up to 12 AA batteries.

Moreover, LTL Acorn 6310 also supports the recording in full HD quality of the avi format, the sound, as well as the fact that now all the cameras with a GSM module are upgraded with the GPRS connection.

Support up to 32GB SD card is standard for the 6210 series, mainly because of the possibility of recording videos in FullHD quality. Could it be said that is new even faster aperture, which now reach of times to 0,6s (first LTL Acorn 6210 from 0,8s - 1,2s).

From the newest model LTL Acorn 5310 took over the dual LED array, which now has a  44 Blue LEDs (Blue Led technology uses 940Nm frequency which is invisible to animal and human eye).

This upgrade has proven to be excellent as we receive positive feedback from all parties. In addition, there is a possibility to choose among the normal 52 ° lens and wide angle 100 ° lens. 

This is the new Ltl-6310WMG trail camera, now available in HD and with 940NM no glow infrareds and 100° wide angle lens! With 12MP image quality and 1440x1080 video quality with audio, this is the best hunting/scouting/covert camera on the market.

The infrared night vision no glow LEDs work up to 82 feet. The camera's Cam + Video mode allows it to take both pictures and video with each trigger event. It shoots sharp, bright color pictures/videos in the daytime, and high quality black & white at night.




Ltl Acorn Analysis

Without question, the Ltl Acorn Ltl-6310WMG Hunting Camera is 2016 latest version for

the market. It is the upgrade version of the popular model Ltl-6210 series which with high quality video and snap shot camera captures video and images automatically when anything that comes within the range of its advanced infra-red sensors and all you have to do is leave it hidden and turn on the camera sit back and let this quality outdoor scouting camera do the rest.

Smart enough to switch between day and night to capturing high quality video recording using day and night capture mode as shown in above images.
Once videos and images are captured, you can transfer images and video directly to your PC using USB cable or via SD cards . Or simply connect the camera onto your PC monitor or LCD screen to play all videos and images. Very easy to set it up.

The 44 LED array allows video footage and pictures to be captured in complete darkness. The 6310 is available with either red LEDs or blue LEDs. Red LEDs have a frequency of 850nm and have a range of approximately 25m; however they produce a faint red glow when in use. The blue LEDs have a frequency of 940nm and have a reduced range of approximately 10m but do not glow when in use.The 6310 Wide Angle is also available with a cellular module fitted which allows the camera to send pictures to a mobile phone or e-mail address, these are fitted with 940nm LEDs.

How Do The MMS/GPRS Function Work?

The trail cameras found here operate just as an ordinary motion activated camera, but with the additional function of being able to send images and/or alerts to your mobile phone or email over a mobile phone network.

Multiple contact details can addressed for the camera to send notifications to. The setup is very simple to do and can be done within minutes.

These cameras are great for viewing remotely, whether you are a street or half way around the world away

The Difference Between Wide Angle Len Hunting Camera and Standard Angle Len Camera:.

The wide-angle lens gives a huge 100 degree field of view, almost double what the standard lens offer. This means that the animal will almost always be in shot when the camera triggers, and reduces 'blank captures'; i.e. when the camera has triggered too late and the animal has moved out of the field of view.

Its also great if you want to monitor as large an area as possible, such as a large garden, and if you are monitoring for security purposes.

It does have a drawback however; notice the blur around the edges of the picture. Although the centre is clear and crisp, there is a clear blur around the outside, and it is slightly under-exposed. This is due to the size of the lens.

Picture & Video Quality:     

Photo Resolution: 12, 5 or 2 MP  |  Video Resolution: 1440 x 1080   |  Flash Type:  940NM No Glow Infrared

 Day pictures have clarity, excellent color and good depth.  The Ltl-6310MC will take dark day picture if placed in heavy shade.  Overall, day pictures are outstanding and we have lots of positive feedback from our customers. 

Megapixel Ratings:
If you want to maximize your night pictures, have the horizon about midway up the picture.  Don't point the camera into the ground or an area when objects are close to the camera and bounce light back (creating the overexposure).

When this camera takes a picture or video at night, the infrared LEDs will glow red.  For pictures, this will be over in less than a second, for videos the glow will stay on while the videos are recording.

Video Quality

The video quality is upgrade from the 5310a, with 1440 x 1080P HD video resolution available at 20fps.

That said, the video quality still isn't great, and is no where near as good as other brands camera trap's video which is the same resolution.

Take a look below; both daytime and nighttime footage (be sure to turn the quality to Full 1080p).

Battery Life:     

The resting power is exceptional and the day/night consumption is very good. This camera is very efficient and capable of long battery life.
This camera operates on 12 AA batteries. It mean that the camera enough a long battery time to take more photos and video.

It is capable of using alkaline, nimh and lithium batteries.  Our preference is lithium batteries, they will last the longest and be the most reliable.  Alkaline are by far the most unreliable battery.

How to active the camera is and whether you're capturing video or picture. Set to picture mode, the camera will run for about 4-7months, depending on how many pictures its taking a day.


Additional Features


  • With MMS/GPRS Function
  • Full HD 1440 x 1080 / 1280 x 720 / 640x480 H.264/AVC format HD video with audio.
  • Sound Recording
  • With Wide Angle Lens
  • 1-3 multi-shot
  • Photo Stamp: Time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera name
  • Picture + Video Mode: Yes
  • Start/Stop Time: AM, PM, 24 Hr.
  • Password Protection: Yes
  • PIR Settings: Low, Normal, High
  • IF Flash: 45 feet / 13.5m
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