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Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras For Sale Online in South Africa at

Trail Cameras are not new to South Africa, with our abundant wildlife and conservation project, camera traps are very popular for taking photos of animals without them even knowing.

At, we offer a wide rang of Trail Cams for sale online in South Africa. Our popular brands include the Busnell, Ltl Acorn and Rik Rhino which are capable of taking photos in stealth mode, meaning the animals or subjects do not see a flash or any indication of a photo being taken at night. These trail cameras are also capable of sending photos via email and SMS.

Hunters like to set their camera traps before they go out to hunt to see if they can identify a trophy sized animals.

Nature conservationasts place trail cams at water holes or on game trails in order to study occurences of endangeoured wildlife and to study their behaviour and movements. Having a trail camera that can send photos via email enables them to keep a log on their computer without having to check the cameras.

With the high rate of crime in South Africa, trail cameras are also being used for security especialy on farms to prevent farm attacks and stock theft.

View our wide range of Trail Cameras for sale online in South Africa at We offer the widest range of camera traps at the best prices which even include free delivery.

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