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Cat Containment Systems

Cat Containment Systems for Sale

Are you looking for cat containment systems for sale? has a wide range available for you to choose from.

As Animal gear specialists we recommend the following cat containment systems:

The PetSafe Cat In-Ground Radio Fence Pet Containment System is suitable for cats > 2.7kg and older than 6 months. This deluxe in-ground fencing system was designed to let your cat be himself in the safety of your yard.

It provides safe and reliable containment for your cat with tone-only plus 4 levels of correction that take her temperament into account. The collar has a special stretch section for your cat's safety, and a battery-life indicator to assure you that the collar is working.

There are situations where any system using electronic collars that deliver static stimulation should not be used:

  • In dogs or cats under 6 months of age. (Not for cats less than 2.7 kg and dogs. Less than 3.6 kg)
  • Pregnant or nursing bitches.
  • Dogs or cats with health problems especially heart disease.
  • Dogs or cats that are unable to respond appropriately due to injury, illness, age or senility.
  • Where dogs or cats have aggressive tendencies.
  • Dogs or cats suffering from separation anxiety and similar anxiety-related disorders.
  • Remember to always start training at the lowest intensity level.

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If you are looking for cat containment systems for sale, see our available range below and order online now, alternatively contact us to discuss your individual requirements with a hunting specialist.

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