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Dog Bark Control

Bark Control Collars For Sale Online in South Africa at

Shop bark control collars for sale online in South Africa at, for the widest range of anti barking devices including static correction collars, ultrasonic bark collars, spray bark collars and vibration bark collars.

It is never nice having to stop your dog from barking and when you shop for a barking collar it is usually as a last resort. The majority of our customers buy anti bark systems due to their neighbours that complain about barking dogs and often body corporates issue warnings and notices to either stop the dog from barking or to have the dog removed from the complex.

We have a variety of systems that stop dogs from barking. The most effective are the PetSafe bark collars, often referred to as static correction collars. These collars emit a static correction when the dog barks. They are intelligent, in that they monitor the bark of the dog and adjust the intensity of the correction to a level where the barking stops. What is comforting to know and gives peace of mind, is that should the dog be panic barking, due to an intruder or other acceptable reason the collar will then not emit a correction allowing the dog to continue barking as it should in such a situation.

What to do if it is your neighbours dog that barks and keeps you awake at night? We have just the right solution, our PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control Unit which looks like a small bird house and can be placed in the garden or next to the wall where the neighbours dogs tend to bark. This bark control device emits an ultrasonic sound which humans can't hear, but really irritates a dog and stops the dog from barking. All you need to do is place the unit within 15 meters of the problem dog, switch it on and it will automatically emit the ultrasonic sound which will stop the dog barking.

Similarly we also have PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collars which are often preferred over the static correction collars as they only emit an ultrasonic sound, irritating the dog and thus stopping it from barking. The PetSafe Spray Bark Control Collars squirt citronella spray and thus also startle the dog which stops it from barking. The PetSafe Vibrating Bark Control Collar only vibrates when the dog barks, thus startling it and stops the barking.

Shop our wide range of Bark Control Solutions and keep the peace. PetSafe Bark Control Collars for sale online in South Africa at

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