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Invisible Pet Fences For Sale Online in South Africa at

Shop our range of invisible pet fences for sale online in South Africa at, we have various PetSafe wireless fences to keep your dogs or cats in your yard. These dog fences are DIY and easy to install.

The PetSafe Pet Containment System works with a collar which you put on your cat or dog and you place a wire around your property or the area which you wish to keep you pets in or out of. The wire emits a radio signal which is received by the collar. If your pet gets close to the wire, which is your invisible boundary, the collar will make an audible beep, vibrate and if the pet continues to remain in that area it will give a static correction, thus keeping your pet in your garden or out of your flower beds depending how you laid the wire. You can manually set the intensity of the static correction.

The invisible pet fence comes supplied with 150m of wire and 1 x collar. You can add as many additional collars as you like, they are also sold separately and you are not limited by how many collars work on one system.

The wire can be placed above ground along an existing fence or it can be buried below ground. It does not need to be buried deep, we recommend about 5cm.

We recommend spending some time training your cats or dogs, making them aware of the invisible boundary. To aid with their training, flags are supplied which are a visual aid to the dog and can be placed along the invisible fence. You can bring your dog closer to the invisible pet fence which is made temporarily visible by use of the flags while reprimanding the dog when it gets close to the invisible pet fence so that it understands that the area is out of bounds which is re-enforced when the collar emits the sound and vibrates.

From experience you will find it takes about 2 days for your pets to respect the invisible pet fence. The PetSafe Pet Containment Systems are highly effective on most dog types small or large and the PetSafe Cat Containment System works well with cats.

Shop invisible pet fences for sale online in South Africa at for the best prices including free and fast delivery to your door.

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