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There is an almost unlimited number of Survival Knife Uses, although boiling them down into named types, such as splitting or slicing, they're not quite so many. Still, unless you’ve handled a knife, especially a survival knife for a considerable amount of time – and in the wild – you may not realize all the potential uses. Here’s a list, some familiar uses, some not. A survival knife can perform all of them, although not always well.

Survival Knife Uses

  • Cut – A truly sharp knife can cut an amazing number of materials. A survival knife, properly maintained, is a formidable cutting tool.
  • Slice – A slice is a lot like a cut, but different.
  • Pierce – There are many situations where making small holes in materials is useful. It is usually a controlled, non-violent action, which may distinguish it from stabbing, cutting or slicing.
  • Whittle – Whittling relates to slicing, but it usually implies wood and controlled strokes like sculpting. Survival knives are big for whittling, but they will do the job for you.
  • Pry – People use Survival knives to pry things apart.
  • Shave – Of course, you can shave with a big knife.
  • Firestarter – Get a Ferro-rod (a ferrocerium flint), some cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly and strike sparks with the steel of your survival knife.
  • We can highly recommend:

    The Benchmade 1000001 Volli Knife is an AXIS-Assist knife that has all of the good qualities of the originals but with a more modern look.

    The Gerber 22-31-000751 Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife is part of the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series of gear.

    The Old Bear Large Classic Folding Knife is a hand-crafted wood handle folder.

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